Report: Second Homes

Global trends in ownership and renting

The second home market has changed significantly over the past decade. Income returns are at the forefront of owner’s minds, and most buyers now purchase with the intent to rent their properties from the outset. Smaller and higher-yielding properties are in demand as a result; expanding the lower tier of the market.

Perhaps the most significant change has come with the rise of the sharing economy and advances in mobile technology. This has streamlined the rental process, further fuelling demand for holiday rentals. The expectations of renters, more demanding than ever, have risen as a result.

The way people are spending their holidays is changing too. The availability of active pursuits such as hiking and water sports are an important consideration for renters, particularly younger ones. More people are travelling with their pets, accommodating them is becoming a key differentiator for the short stay sector.

This report highlights what buyers deem important in their second homes, and what renters seek in a short-let.

Finally, we assess future intentions of both owners and renters, providing insight into purchasing and travel patterns in the years to come.

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